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Memberships and Fees

Law Enforcement Membership


Full Membership for any full time, individual Law Enforcement Officer who is part of a K-9 team or K-9 unit


Departmental Law Enforcement Membership

1-5 teams may join for $45.00 per member

6-10 teams for $40.00 per member

11+ teams for $35.00 per member

This Membership is restricted to Law Enforcement Agencies.  Full Membership for all departmental K-9 Officers. Please enclose an application for each Officer.
All Law Enforcement Members are entitled to participate in K-9 Certification Trials, receive discounts on NTPDA seminars and events, and vote on issues put before the membership.


Professional Membership

Full membership for Civilian Police Trainers.  Any Civilian Trainer must include a résumé and a list of trained dogs that have been placed with Law Enforcement Agencies.  You must also provide a current criminal history upon joining or renewing if the applicant does not have a current DEA or ATF license (the license numbers for which are required below).


Associate Members 

A great way to support NTPDA and receive discounts on NTPDA training seminars and events


Certification Fees

**Fees are charged per task and you must be a member in good standing to be able to certify under the NTPDA**



Narcotics Detection


Explosive Detection


Tracking/Trailing Certification


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