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Article Search Standards

This test will evaluate the K-9s ability to locate articles with fresh human scent in a designated area. The K-9 must find 3 of 4 articles specified by the evaluator to pass. Articles shall be realistic evidence, such as a hand gun, purse, wallet, etc. This certification can be attempted independently of any other certification, and is valid for one year.

  1. Evaluator will randomly place the articles within the designated area without the handler present.

  2. K-9 must search a 60ft-by-60ft area of natural growth (grass, woods, brush, etc.).

  3. The test may be conducted on or off lead.

  4. Four (4) articles shall be used.

  5. The K-9 team will have Ten (10) minutes to complete the exercise.

  6. The K-9 must point out or retrieve the articles. If the dog points out the article, it must be obvious to the evaluator.

  7. The handler may give encouragement and direct the dog with verbal commands or hand signals, and the handler may enter the search area to direct his dog.

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