It is the goal of the NTPDA to provide a tough and realistic certification for today’s K9 teams. A majority of today’s certifications look at the function of the dog, and are not a comprehensive evaluation of a K9 team. Our intent is to use ever-changing scenario-based evaluations of the dog and handler, with current case law in mind, to stimulate thought and preparation for real world deployments. This evaluation will support departments and communities better than previous certifications as the team will be ready to work immediately after certification at a higher level of competence. It is also the mission of the NTPDA to provide K9 handlers with the highest level of continuing education in the industry. NTPDA sets the standard.


  • An Educational organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge base of Police K9 Trainers & Handlers across the US and Internationally.
  • Provides an alternative certification venue that tests both the K9’s competency and evaluates the tactical proficiency of the K9 team with scenario based K9 team certifications.
  • Seminars & Certifications are available in patrol, narcotics, explosives, trailing, article search and SAR disciplines.
  • Invites professional private police dog trainers as well as certified law enforcement personnel to apply for full membership.
  • Provides an accreditation process for trainers & dedicated K9 units providing training services.

Membership benefits…

  • Be a part of the #1 Police K9 Educational organization and enjoy seminars at a fraction of the normal cost to non-members.
  • We encourage members of NAPWDA, USPCA, NPCA, NNDDA, etc. to join and enjoy the educational benefits and opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas.
  • Receive a FREE NTPDA t-shirt with initial membership.
  • Low Cost Scenario-based Certifications: Train & Certify like you deploy!
  • Member Access to Training Articles.
  • Trainer Facility Accreditation programs. We certify all training facilities, from pet training programs through complete police service training programs.
  • Networking with top professionals & potential customers.
  • Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show